Where do your goodnights start? Oh, come on, just play along! We only put this page here because people like you read it...

So, back to the question – where do YOUR goodnights start? Well, some goodnights start with an intention. Some are inspired by a random thought. And some just happen.

Every night has potential at goodnights. And goodnights always involve your partners in crime. That's how this whole thing started for us. We envisioned a spot with great food, fun drinks and exciting people. We started with the perfect location, topped it off with the largest physical bar in Omaha and then added a twist of inspiring atmosphere, sure to encourage many goodnights.

A night is a terrible thing to waste – so join us for a round or two and make a toast to your happy place. We didn’t just open a pizza bar and patio, we opened goodnights – so we could be your spot!

What are you waiting for? Come on in! Let the day go, bring your best friends and get ready for a goodnight!

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