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AI-Enabled On-Model Imagery Can Be The One-Stop-Shop Solution

The usage of AI technology to create photos of models is referred to as AI-enabled on-model imagery. This type of technology does not just save you time and money, but additionally, it optimizes the whole production process, avoiding the stress of traditional photoshoots. Let's break the benefits into two parts i.e. cost and time benefit.

First, AI-generated images of products can help you save a significant amount of production expenses. With this technology, companies aren't required to pay the costs of employing ten different models, photographers and studio space, equipment as well as editing expenses, etc. All of this could save retailers as much as 75% in production costs. If you are in search of an agency that can help you with AI-enabled videos and photos, then visit

This is not all, AI solutions also offer you the ability to modify or alter the images to the extent you'd like. You can play around with different models, types, and poses or make any adjustments you'd like without having to think about a rise in the cost of production.

With AI-generated images of products, you can get your work accomplished 5x quicker than with traditional methods. This technology removes the requirement for traditional photo shoots which means you don't need to spend the time arranging models or photographers and navigating the logistics. Get your product images within hours, not weeks.

Large brands across the globe are gradually moving to this technology to improve their production processes. In addition, AI can assist design teams by improving and reducing the overall lead time, as well as expanding their creative exploration by studying and storing information from thousands of videos and images with computer vision. Designers can also discover how they can combine popular colors, key patterns, and designs.