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Aromas That Will Stay in Your Home for a Long Way

Black Truffle Sea Salt is prepared by curing the truffles in an oven at high temperatures. It is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium. This fine kosher salt can be used for many cooking recipes. It tastes like a blend of chocolate and coffee with a hint of bitterness.

Sicilian Sea Salt (Himalayan Pink Sea) This fine sea salt has been used since ancient times as a seasoning for seaside meals. The best Italian white truffles are made with this beautiful salt. Black Summer Truffle, Black Truffle (Ricotta), Sicilian Sea Salt, this is one of the most popular ingredients in classic and regional cooking. This black truffle salt offers different flavors based upon the oregano that it is prepared with. This seasoning is known as a true "truffle" in that each mound is actually filled with small dark chocolate balls. This favorite dish makes use of this sea salt in many of its recipes.

Olive Oil, White Truffle Sea Salt This is another wonderful combination that will leave your taste buds in heaven. You cannot make a classic Cajun recipe without using either of these essential oils. Toppings can be added to the pan to enrich the taste as well. Long way from the Mediterranean, Sicily and Campania to the Lowlands of France and Italy, olive oil is one of the world's most widely used cooking oil. It is a natural solvent, which means it is not purified like other vegetable oils. That is why it is such a popular addition to black truffle sea salt as well.

Black Truffle Sea Salt Although not actually a traditional seasoning, this type of salt goes back to the beginnings of the world. They are believed to have been discovered by a Bedouin shepherds out in the desert who noticed how the air they came across had an earthy, almost flowery scent. Since then this earthy scent has been known as the scent of truffles. In fact, truffles are very much a part of traditional Moroccan and French cuisine.

It is not a proven fact, but many people believe black truffles date back to around 4000 B.C., although some may point to the Egyptologists who suggest that they were eaten during the time of Moses. No matter what the source of the earthy scent and succulent nature of these truffles have endeared them to connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Today, for a wide variety of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, this salt offers a rich and robust flavor that enhances any meal. With just a sprinkle of this wonderful salt in your favorite recipes, you can enjoy delicious meals that are also healthy.

Many people have enjoyed the rich, salty flavors that this salt provides. For example, many Italian restaurants use truffle salt in their famous pasta sauces and pizza sauce. This savory concoction helps to enhance the taste of Italian foods while providing a healthy dose of sodium. In addition, you can sprinkle truffle salt on your favorite vegetables, meat, cheese, salads, tuna and other seafood items to enjoy a healthy dose of protein. Another great way to enjoy this delightful seasoning is to use it on your baked goods.

Traditionally, baking with this rich seasoning has been done by using it on breads or pizza crusts, however, you can also use it on just about anything you would like to add a fresh, earthy aroma too. You can bake brownies, use it on cereal and much more. Another great way to use black truffle salt is to use it on your salt water pool. The salty scent of the ocean will help you relax and drift off to sleep every night. The powerful smell of the ocean can help you sleep peacefully, as it invigorates your nostrils and relaxes your body.

No matter how you use it, this savory truffle flavor is sure to be a big hit for you. The strong, earthy aroma is sure to make you feel right at home wherever you decide to go. By combining this delicious salt with other great aromas, you can create an aroma that will linger in your home for a long way. Enjoy this rich, salty aroma today.