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Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Method

Teeth whitening methods are generally categorized into take-home and in-office procedures. Take home systems can be obtained from the dentist or they could be bought over-the-counter, and they can be performed by the patient. You can also check out here to get more information about teeth whitening machines.

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Take-Home Whitening Systems:

1.Strips: Strips are like adhesive tapes that you attach to the facial or frontal surface of the teeth. You keep it on your teeth and allow the whitening agent to penetrate the tissue so that a sufficient whitening effect can be produced.

2.Pens: The pens appear like a highlighter pen and you apply the whitening agent as if you are coloring the surface of your teeth to bring about the bleaching effect.

3.Gels: Some methods come in gel form and they are administered with the use of ready-made or custom-made trays. 

In-Office / Chairside Methods:

Chairside methods involve the use of more powerful whitening agents, so handling them will be more complicated. Contact on the soft tissues and the hands of the operator will irritate, so only a trained professional is allowed to administer the procedure.

A beautiful smile is one that you can confidently show to people and a perfectly white smile is something you should really be proud of. 

Laser teeth whitening produces the most superior whitening results. If you want to be able to flash a set of perfectly white teeth, ask your dentist about your teeth whitening options.