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Citric Acid – The All in One Preserver, Cleaner and Balancer

Citric acid is highly represented in foods, chemicals, and dyes as well as in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries around the world. 

Citric acid, which appears as a crystalline powder at room temperature, belongs to the carboxylic acid family but is slightly stronger than the others. It is also known as C6H8O7 by chemists and researchers. As an intermediate in the citric acid cycle, it is also important in biochemistry and plays an important role in the metabolism of living things. You can find the best Japan’s finest terroir products, specially handpicked for you.

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Enough has been said about the biological and chemical details of acids, now it's time for some quick facts! While this class of acids is often confused with vitamin C, it may be important to know that citric acid has nothing to do with vitamin C. In fact, citric acid makes its presence felt in these fruits with a sour taste. The C factor can be very confusing to the average person who has little clue about any of these traits.

Then we come to using Citric in other areas. At this point, it should be pointed out that there are only a few metallic binders that exceed this class of acids. Its role as a chelating agent is well known in industrial sectors around the world.

Acid is also used as a cleaning agent in the processing industry. Boilers and evaporators often experience a build-up of limescale over time and with constant use. To get rid of this dandruff, citric acid is included.