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Engine Valves – The Heart And Soul OF Your Engine

The engine valve is an important component of a combustion engine. Located in the cylinder head of the car. There are two types of engine valves, exhaust valves and intake valves. The intake valve directs the fresh air-fuel mixture to the internal combustion engine, while the exhaust valve allows gaseous by-products to exit your car's engine. 

These valves remain active while your car's engine is running, opening and closing in a specific order depending on the position of the pistons in each cylinder.

The camshaft controls the opening and closing of the valve. This activates the engine valves to rise when needed and allows gas exchange in the engine. As soon as this work is completed, the valve moves back with spring and closes the air passage, which creates optimal compression in the combustion chamber. The generation of compression in the combustion chamber is critical to engine operation, as well as the ignition of fuel and piston propulsion.

Now you know that the operation or closing and opening of the valve is controlled by the camshaft. In most cases, the camera is a flat piece of metal that has a unique style that suits its specific purpose. Basically, the cam is attached to a rotating carrier called the shaft. Often referred to as a hump, this design creates a certain movement that helps the valve open and close.