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Everything You Need To Know About 3D Interior Design In Malaysia

Interior design is one of the most popular architectural fields today. With new technologies, interior design as a job has been simplified, as it is done on a computer using adequate tools. There are many companies available that use 3d for interior design services.

How 3D models are used?

Depending on how it will be used in the future, a 3D model or a group of models can be suitable for:

– Video games

– Applications

– Animations

– Architectural visualization

– 3D printing

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How are photorealistic renders/visualizations/images created?

1. 3D modeling

The first step is to create an object based on the given dimensions and scale. There are many different types of tools or programs that can be used to create 3D models.

2. Make the image realistic by adding materials, textures, and physical properties

No matter what type of 3D presentation we are talking about, all the materials, models, and surfaces on them have different specifications. That means they have different materials and colors, interact differently with light, and so on. All these peculiarities must be taken into account and refined so that all models are presented and function correctly.

3. Add a light source

The lighting in a certain 3D representation must be sufficient so as not to disturb the balance of the entire work. It can be natural or artificial, and for most 3D interior designs, it is artificial because its presentation is to show people what a certain room will look like when it's finished.

4. Correct virtual camera position

With many different visual images, and especially 3D interior design, it is important to position the camera correctly. After all, the main purpose of interior design visualization is so that the future owner of a particular space can see what the whole place looks like, suggest changes, express doubts, etc.

5. The rendering process

Imaging is a process in which a 3D image is projected onto a 2D surface.