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Flavored Coffee – A New Invention or An Old Tradition?

Over the years, flavored coffees have become more popular and more accessible. What happened was that improvements in food science and technology opened up more opportunities to test and introduce new flavors into the coffee. 

Flavored coffees have come a long way and will no doubt continue to see many changes in the future to meet consumer demands for ever-new flavors. You can now buy the best quality coffee via

The curious tale of how Italy became the world capital of coffee Quartz

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Flavored syrups are used to add a little flavor to brewed coffee. You can certainly do the same today with flavored syrups available at health food stores, gourmet specialty stores, or other retail stores.

However, food scientists have injected complex flavors directly into the coffee beans as part of an efficient roasting process to create a delicious taste. Once the flavors are infused directly into the beans, the flavors are extracted into the resulting drink during the cooking process.

The result is a very satisfying taste on the tongue and a pleasant aroma on the nose. Experience this, for example, when brewing coffee with coffee beans from categories such as chocolate, dessert, spices, fruit, cream, liqueur, plus walnuts and crunchiness with flavors.

Professional flavor specialists combine flavor oils, which are a combination of natural and synthetic flavor chemicals. The natural oils used in flavored coffee come from vanilla pods, cocoa beans, nuts of various types and fruits. Spices such as cinnamon, cloves and chicory are also used for some coffee flavors.