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How To Store Your Low-Speed Vehicles During Off-Seasons

Proper storage and maintenance of your low-speed vehicle (LSV) both in-season and off-season is the best way to maximize your LSV. Just like storage space for your car and truck, your LSV storage will depend on factors such as the weather in your area, community options available, and the type of storage space in your area.

What is a low-speed automobile?

There are no strict limits on what counts as LSV. But generally speaking, it is a vehicle with a top speed of around 40 km/h that can only accommodate a few passengers and is ideal for short trips or leisure use.

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Some common examples of LSVs are:

  • A golf cart that you can use to traverse the golf course or in a large commercial or industrial setting.

  • A scooter that can be used to work on multiple roads but usually doesn't reach highway speeds.

  • ATVs are used by outdoor enthusiasts but are usually not seen on the streets or used for casual trips.

  • If you rent from a club, off-season golf cart storage may be included in your rental package. If you have a golf cart, ideally you want to store it in an air-conditioned shed or garage.

If you are going to store your golf cart for an extended period, do not leave the parking brake on. Instead, secure the stroller with a block or other locking mechanism.

This way, you won't permanently wear out the brake pads or the grip clamps loosening over time.