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How To Wear False Eyelashes

False or fake eyelashes are by no means a new beauty trend. In fact, this beauty has been traced back to the 1900s. Crafted from human hair and fine gauze, the fake lashes were glued to the lash line with good old glue.

How Are They Made?

Today, fake lashes are common and are made from a variety of materials, including synthetic animals, humans, and fur. You can also buy the best fake eyelashes online via


This type of lashes is the most commonly available. Synthetic eyelashes are made from a mixture of plastic and silk and in most cases can be reused up to four times or more.

They are usually thicker than real human hair, making them look a little unnatural and heavier to wear. However, if you are looking for affordable and long-lasting lashes, synthetic lashes are a great choice.

Mink Lashes

Not for the faint of heart, fox or mink lashes are available for cheap starting at $1,000 per minute. Known for their natural look, light texture, and natural curl, these lashes can last up to 25 uses. Please make sure they are not cruel.

How To Apply

Applying false eyelashes requires a bit of preparation to be precise. These are the beauty items that you will need before the application process.

1) Eyelashes: Choose the lashes that are most likely to look natural on your face to begin with. As you become more comfortable with the app, explore different lengths and styles. Also decide if you want to try singles or strips.

2) Eyelash Glue: Choose eyelash glue that dries as clear as everyone's favorite. Take into account the drying time and, if necessary, the supplied applicator.

3) Tweezers: Using tweezers is an easy and hassle-free way to keep your lashes nice and in shape as you apply them. The tweezers also make it easier to handle and apply lashes properly.

Don't be too energetic, just slightly bend the lashes so that the adhesive tape is not too stiff when applied and forms a more natural shape.