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Importance of Business Card in Worldwide

Handing out business cards serves many purposes such as the Victorian custom of leaving a calling card (with the butler, as of yet) to announce that you were left for a visit and to sit and chat. Was waiting for the opportunity. That good old convention served several purposes:

o Tell the recipient that you thought he or she deserved your time and attention.

o Instead of forcing yourself to his day at inconvenient times, you make a gradual decision on whether or not to look into the hands of the recipient. You can find custom-shaped metal business cards from Pure Metal Cards.

Today's business card includes all the uses of an old-fashioned calling card and does much more:

o Invites a new business acquaintance to contact you.

o Defines your position and responsibilities (eg, vice president, sales)

o Provides four or more ways to reach you: mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail address, and sometimes your assistant's telephone number and an alternate phone number for you.

How to hand over business cards, and to whom?

o If you are reasonably sure that you will deal with someone in the future, ask for a business card and give your card in return. Perhaps the one exception is a top executive who surpasses you; If such a senior person wants your card, or wants you to have their card, they will let you know.

o When given a card, do not just snatch it and put it in your pocket. Take a moment to look at it, maybe admire its design. Then put it in your wallet or datebook.

o Offer one card to one person – not a handful as if you're trying to flood the market with the surprises of you and your title.

o If English is not commonly spoken at your destination, print one side of your card in English and the other in the native language. Even in countries where English is a second language, you will be less likely to find English speakers in smaller cities than in larger centers of business.

o Some experts recommend getting your cards printed when you're abroad – but if you don't know the language yourself, be careful who you assign this assignment to. Ask your hosts for a recommendation.