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Know About Factors Affecting Fertility

Infertility problems can be confronted by men. Here are some factors which may cause a person to be fertile.

Tobacco: Smoking reduces the ability of sperm to move. Also drinking, even moderately, causing dysfunction, reduced testosterone levels, and inhibiting the quantity and quality of sperm. To know about testosterone visit

Drugs: Medications prescribed Both prohibited and can affect sperm.

Exposure to toxic elements: long exposure to components like cadmium, lead, mercury, pesticides, hydrocarbons, radiation, and X-rays can inhibit sperm count and quality.

Exposing genitals to heat up: Regular use of the spa, sauna, steam room, and whirlpool can interfere with sperm production.

Diseases or conditions: Men with a history of genital germs, mumps, prostatitis, and operation on hernia, testicles disease, or varicocele may experience issues with fertility.

So many times couples that wish a baby confused when they develop a negative pregnancy test. While Preganews has implemented things simpler by instructing women how to use a home pregnancy test kit or by supplying calculator ovulation, the reason you may not be capable to become pregnant may be attributed to many factors. That's the reason we've produced a record of variables which might be why you find it difficult to be a mom.

Hormonal imbalance: Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle, long or short, and heavy periods? This might be a sign of this hormonal system. This may cause many problems during childbirth.

Autoimmune disorders: the autoimmune disease is when the body's immune system turns against itself and begins to attack healthy cells. Various autoimmune ailments can impair fertility.

Smoking and drinking: Studies show that drinking and smoking (even moderately) reduces your odds of conceiving drastically.