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Personalized Towels For Baby and Toddlers

If you're shopping for a baby gift, you'll probably want to purchase a childen’s towel that will be personalized for him or her. This towel has a unique fleece and cotton terry fabric that makes it a warm, blankety-soft towel that will stay clean and dry. Whether you choose a terry cloth or cotton towel, you'll find a great variety of options for your child.

Personalized towel

Personalized childen's towels are the perfect way to keep little ones warm during bath time. These 100% cotton towels can be embroidered with the child's name or favorite cartoon character. To make bath time more exciting, kids can also use a towel as a superhero cape. This way, the towel won't get lost! And parents can rest easy knowing that their kids' towels are safe from the elements.

Personalized towels can be ordered online at sites such as Shutterfly. These towels are 30" x 60" and feature a custom design on the front. They are made of 100% cotton velour terry, making them super-soft and absorbent. And because they're machine-washable, parents won't have to worry about the fabric fading or causing allergies. You can even buy personalized towels online with your child's name or monogram.

Cotton terry

If you want a comfortable bath towel for your little one, choose a 100% cotton terry towel. These are great for babies and toddlers because they absorb water easily and dry quickly. They are also perfect for allergy sufferers because they are soft and absorbent, making them a great option for young ones. If you want something a bit more unique, try a hooded towel for your little one.

A six or four-piece cotton towel set makes a coordinated everyday ensemble for the bathroom. A cotton towel is light and fluffy, resulting in fast and easy absorption. The towels are machine-washable and dry quickly. They also last a long time. Cotton is naturally breathable, so they won't pill and won't shrink. The best part is, they are machine-washable.


The fun of embroidered characters on childen's towels doesn't end at the beach. Character towels are adorable gifts that can be used for pool time, vacations, or bath time. These towels are custom-made to order, and the embroidered characters are featured on the full-sized towel. They're perfect for all ages, and make great gifts for a child's birthday. Adding personalization makes these towels even more special.


A fun and functional gift for your child is a personalized towel. You can get these in bold colors with or without hoods, or choose a towel featuring a favorite cartoon character or sea creature. Personalize childen's towels with bold lettering across the entire towel. Your child will enjoy using his or her personalized towel for bathing and scrubbing up at home. If your child doesn't like his or her towels to match, consider buying the personalized type.

The designs on childen's towels are especially fun and unique. Colors and graphics are sure to make your child smile, and they'll look forward to bath time. They're soft and absorbent, too. They're also the perfect size so your little one won't feel overwhelmed with a large towel. You can even get hooded towels that are surprisingly spacious for a child.


Towels for babies are often smaller than toddlers'. If you're shopping for a baby gift, make sure that the towel is the correct size. If it is bigger, choose a thicker towel. A thick towel is better for warmth after bathing and can prevent the post-bath chill. A towel designed for a baby can be a great gift idea. However, if you're shopping for a toddler, make sure that the towel is suitable for use by your child.

The size of childen's towels is a major factor to consider when purchasing towels. A small towel may not cover a child's body, while a large one might be bulky or cumbersome to handle. Most towels come in different sizes, and mothers and midwives will recommend bigger towels for the baby's bath. This way, the towel won't be a hassle to use and won't scoop up the floor.


The material used to spin a childen's towel is important in determining its absorbency. Towels with a terry weave are the most absorbent. Antibacterial quality is also important in children's towels. Bacteria can lead to unpleasant diseases and infections, so a childen's bath towel should be free of bacteria. Fortunately, there are a number of options when choosing a childen's towel.

Cotton towels are made from two layers. Cotton is usually thicker and more absorbent than polyester. Ring-spun cotton is thick and durable, while terrycloth is made with larger thread loops and extra yarn. Waffle-weave towels have a honeycomb pattern to increase their surface area and absorbency. Zero-twist fibers are long-staple cotton woven without twisting. The density of a childen's towel indicates its weight in grams per square meter. The denser the towel, the longer it will take to dry.

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