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Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Cigar

Cigars are a matter of preference, but there are a few questions you need to ask to make sure you are getting your money's worth for your premium cigars.

1. How to know if a cigar is fresh?

Handcrafted fresh cigars start with high-quality ingredients. And once rolled, the cigars must be properly stored during transportation.  You can also navigate to tabanerocigars to purchase the best quality cigars.

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When properly stored, it will have a rich, oily luster. If it doesn't – and the packaging looks dull – it might still be nice smoke, but the display is a good place to start your judgment.

The best way to test for freshness is to squeeze the cigar between your index finger and thumb. Fresh cigars are still strong and come back after you clamp them. If it doesn't come back, or if it feels too chewy in places, it's not a fresh cigar.

2. Is it handmade or hand-rolled?

Cigars can be either handmade or hand-rolled. The hand-rolled cigar has a high-quality case and a long refill. However, they can be grouped in the machine and then rolled by hand. 

At each step, a handmade cigar is made by hand, also using high-quality packaging and a long filler. Since handmade cigars are not machined, they can be made with a smoother shell.

Think about these important factors before you buy your next cigar.