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Revolutionizing Lighting Technology With LED Lights

LED technology has taken the world with a storm and is expected to become a $ 30 billion industry in 2015. Initially used as indicator lights in cellphones and flashlight lights, LED lights quickly overtake other light sources because they save energy, durable, and the environmentally friendly. You can purchase an efficient luminaire/fixture online at

LED vs traditional light bulbs

Light balls are incandescent or fluorescent light sources. In incandescent bulbs, light is produced by passing electricity through a conductor that heats the tungsten filament thin in the bulb to the point where it produces light, while in neon light lights are produced by passing an electrical discharge through rhodium gas. 

Lights like that are not energy efficient because about 10% of energy is used to produce visible light. In addition, the tuber lights or tubes are made of blown glass that can be formed into a certain form. 

Led lamps (luminaire / fixture)

As a comparison of LED (light transmitter diodes) also known as solid lighting, has a simple and powerful design flexibility and flexibility that allows this LED to be assembled in various forms. The LED light contains a semiconductor that emits light that determines the color of the light because the material and process are used to make it. 

The diode is made when two conductive materials come and only allow the light to flow in one direction. When electricity is passed through a diode contained in semiconductors, atoms in the first conductive material began to heat up and finally start spilling electrons to other materials, during this light process was made.

LED lights are measured in lumen depreciation differ from Watts because LED lights reduce the output of light over time rather than burning like other technologies.