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Simple Divorce: How to Get One in Ontario?

Are you looking for a quick divorce in Ontario? It is best to go through default. However, I recommend that those who don't have any idea about default divorce continue reading.

Let's first remember who the main characters are in a divorce case: the Respondent and the Petitioner. The Respondent is the spouse who files for divorce. The Respondent receives the Petition in divorce proceedings. The Respondent has 30 days to respond. If he doesn't, the case will be considered a default. The Respondent was not involved in the case. A default divorce is not recommended if you don't have children, have no property, and do not require spousal or partner support. 

Moving on, the notice is an essential part of a quick and affordable simple divorce in Ontario. Sending your spouse a Summons along with a copy of your Petition to notify them that you are seeking a divorce is a very important step. Your spouse will be able to see all details about the divorce. You must inform your spouse about the divorce. Otherwise, the court will not be able to act on your case.

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In Ontario, you can even hire professional process servers to serve papers for a simple divorce. Not only does a server not have to be a citizen of the country, but every person who serves papers must also submit a Proof Of Service form.

In a simple divorce, Proof of Service is an important document. This document proves that legal papers have been served on the other side after certain steps have been taken. This is to prove that the court has received the notice of the action. After your spouse has been served with the Summons & Petition, this is filed.