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bookmark_borderEcommerce Increases Psychological Ownership Of Products

With online shopping, certain in-person sales tactics are largely erased like letting customers physically handle items and try on products for the first time.

Also have conversations with your customers that highlight how products work and how they can enhance customers’ lives by standing out from nearby competitors. This allows for real-time product interaction through the best 3d goods configurator. So adding this type of technology is an effective move for any eCommerce shop owner.

These tactics play a major role in building psychological ownership, which gives shoppers subconscious thoughts of already owning the product.

But the augmented reality— which lets shoppers see products at scale and move 3D representations of them around in their own homes — ticks this retail psychology box.

This innovative technology showcases everything your products have to offer by letting customers interact with them through their mobile devices, which moves them closer to psychological ownership.

61 percent of customers surveyed indicated that they prefer to shop from brands that offer some form of augmented reality experiences, and that’s good news for the eCommerce industry.

Here are four specific ways AR for eCommerce can increase psychological ownership and replace in-person sales tactics!

‘Real-life’ shopping feels more conducive to creating a psychological sense of ownership for customers than online shopping. Traditional customers like being able to physically reach out, pick up and handle an item that stood out.

This is often the first step in thinking about what owning the product might be like. Stores have thousands of different products, but customers usually do not feel a strong connection to any particular item until they touch and handle it, which creates a subconscious sense that the item is already theirs.