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bookmark_borderBit Torrent handles Apple in a battle over online video Downloads

The high Steaks Video game Has actually begun; Hollywood watches and waits. As Bit Torrent handles Apple in a battle for your online video downloads.

Earlier this year Apple promotes and gets removal of DRM (digital rights management) from music and video downloads on Itunes. Just as Bit Torrent goes head-to-head with Itunes on video downloads.

In February Bit Torrent Inc, the internet business founded by Bram Cohen opened it's new entertainment website.

For those who don't understand about Bit Torrent yet, it is a protocol, that can be utilized free of charge to download big files quickly online using really little band width, It was invented by Bram Cohen. (to learn more about bit torrent and how it works go to see the resources box at the end of this article).

In 2015 Cohen's business participated in agreements with numerous movie business amongst them Paramount, Warner Brothers, MGM,20 th Century Fox and MTV networks. This was the ground work for them to develop their service design for a broad market video download service. MTV is a crucial business because of it's market demographics.

Apple fasted to follow suit and made it's own arrangements with numerous movie business.

This most current effort by Bit Torrent will provide a strong competition to Apple's Itunes along with other video download sites, such as, Walmart and do not forget DirectTV and cable as needed services.

What Bit Torrent offers is rental downloads, purchase downloads and some complimentary downloads. It likewise offers a chance for you to release your own torrents. Very attractive to new manufacturers of video material. This appears to be a relocate to create a home for original material companies at the Bit Torrent website.

You might state that is all well and excellent but how do I watch the material on my big screen TELEVISION? Excellent question.

2 months ago Bit Torrent announced it's partnership with the company Netgear, which has actually developed a little inexpensive interface cable box to utilize to transfer your movies, video and other content from your computer system to your TELEVISION. Hmm … sounds a lot like Apple TELEVISION.

In an interview on CNBC May 3, 2007 Patrick Lo, the chief executive of Netgear said that Netgear's strategy is to utilize it's cordless networks in the home to drive material from the internet to the house TV and make everyone's house a cordless network.

Not so fast Bit Torrent; last week Apple counters with, what else, video as needed.

London's financial Times wrote a short article showing that Apple would be offering a video as needed download service in the Fall. And the downloads would be rentals that would cost $2.99. These rental downloads would benefit thirty days and could be shared on one or more of Apple's devices, Apple TELEVISION, iphone or ipod.

This latest relocation by Apple appears to have placed Apple and Bit Torrent in direct competition with all other video as needed services, which include Amazon's service, Netflix service and the cable television and direct TELEVISION business services.

This would appear to be for Apple and Bit Torrent to drive these other services to a point where they are limited players and for one of them, that is Bit Torrent or Apple to emerge as the customer favorite for video and web content downloads and streaming wirelessly.

A question emerges; where is Microsoft in all this? Are they failing again? Or just waiting on the dust to clear?

Hollywood is placing bets on as numerous power gamers as it can; thus the agreements with both Bit Torrent and Apple waiting to see who comes out on top.