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bookmark_borderWhat Are The Ways To Apply For Canada Immigration?

System-class skilled workers, or point, is the most popular class in which to apply. Applicants are given a different number of points based on age, education, work experience, and their ability in English or French. Points can also be given if someone has set up a job or are already working in Canada. Additional points can be given to factors such as the qualification of partners, or if someone previously had studied in Canada for at least two years. 

For Canadian immigration under the family class, one must have relatives who are Canadians who are eligible and willing to sponsor them. The sponsor must hold a Canadian passport or permanent residence. This includes spouses, spousal dependent visa to Canada or common-law partner, dependent children, parents, or grandparents. 

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Applicants who apply for Canadian immigration under the business class will be separated into three sub-categories that are investors, self-employed, and entrepreneurs. Those who wish to apply for immigration under the category of self-employed must provide a business plan that has been studied, have enough capital, and a good amount of solid experience to build Canadian businesses.

The net value of the entrepreneur must be at least C $ 300,000 and must have past experience in business qualification. Net worth investors must be a minimum of C $ 800,000, and they will be asked to make an investment of C $ 400,000 of which in Canada Receiver General for a period of 5 years.

While for Canadian immigration visas allowed for students or workers. These workers must be presented with a job offer that could not otherwise be taken by Canada. The issuance of work permits to work long, which usually does not exceed three years. Canadian employers delay in leasing foreign employees unless there is a certain skill advantage they have or there is a shortage of labor. Most workers with temporary visas to be transferred to Canada from their present employer.