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bookmark_borderQuestions For Landscape Designers In Mornington Peninsula

Each and every yard can be an extension of the home. Different areas can be designed for a different activity, yet flow seamlessly from one to the other.

There are many great landscape designers in mornington peninsula like boston design that can help homeowners create a beautiful yard. Finding the right one can be tricky, but here are a few questions to ask when deciding.

How Long Have You Been Working?

How long a designer has been in business can often indicate how successful they are and how they treat their customers. Many businesses survive by word of mouth referrals and don't last long without them.

Older companies may have also developed relationships with nurseries or growers that can lead to lower prices for materials. They may also work with a good contractor or employ a few people for installation. A newer company, though, can offer more personalized service because they have more time to devote to a project.

What Is Your Education?

Some landscape designers have formal training from a school or organization. Others may have interned with established designers to learn different plants and how to put them together.

There is more to their training than just studying plants and flowers. They also learn about environmental considerations and how the plants will stand up to the area's usage. Designers need to know the regional concerns of different plants and how to use them to maximize in the landscape.

What Is Your Design Philosophy?

There is more to landscape design than just planting some flowers or trees. Each plant is planned for a specific location. Man-made structures like a pathway or pergola are integrated into the plan for gathering areas.