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bookmark_borderPaintball: How to Get in the Game

Paintball is an addictive and highly active sport that many people are getting more involved in. Paintball is more spread out than other sports, where you are able to be taller or stronger than others. Children can also try playing paintball soft, splatmaster & gelly ball games.

Playing Paintball for the First Time: What to Expect

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Although most courses are outdoors, there are also indoor paintball courses. There are usually two teams in a game of paintball. Each player is given a paint gun, and the two teams then play-often the classic childhood game of capture flag is a great scenario for paintball. 

There are many mistakes beginners make in paintball. This is not something to be ashamed of. Here are some tips. The first rule of paintball, or the golden rule in general, is to never remove your protective mask.

You can only get hurt in a paintball match if you remove your goggles. If you are not in a designated area, don't remove your facial protection. These are some helpful tips to remember before you play in your first paintball game.

Wear dark clothes and avoid wearing white. If you wear white, it will make you look stupid. Comfortable footwear is recommended. Comfortable shoes or boots are best, as you won't mind walking in the woods.

Honesty is the key to good sportsmanship. If you are thrown and the ref does not see it, raise your hand and let everyone see. This sport is very competitive and players cannot be cheaters.

Avoid tunnel vision. It's easy to focus on the straight ahead and many beginners get shot from one side. Paintball is an addictive sport that's great fun. The basics are important, so you can start to have fun. This is the most important part of paintball!