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bookmark_borderUltra Efficient Tyres Are On Their Way!

As the date of the enlightenment of the new tire label approaches, tire manufacturers compete to produce tires with the best value. Consumers can now see at a glance how different tires fit together in three important areas: rolling resistance, wet grip, and exterior noise. This level of consumer knowledge will hopefully encourage tire manufacturers to step up their game and improve their appearance! 

Goodyear Dunlop tyres via has achieved an A rating for wet grip and rolling resistance. Estimates of rolling resistance and wet grip appear to be more important than exterior noise. This is not surprising when you consider that wet grip is a safety issue (the higher the rating, the faster your car will stop). 

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 185/65 R15 88H Tubeless Car Tyre (Home Delivery) (GY015): Car & Motorbike

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High rolling resistance means more economical tires and costs less money charging your car over its lifetime. In contrast, outside noise levels really only affect people outside the vehicle. While this is an environmental issue, it is definitely the third of the three in terms of drivers.

The Goodyear Dunlop contribution is just a concept, but the Goodyear Dunlop tyres have received an A rating for rolling resistance and wet grip. In addition, Goodyear tires will only display sound waves in the external noise area on the label. This makes it one of the quietest tires. The Dunlop concept tire has two sound waves as it was originally based on a sportier tire than the Goodyear.

According to Goodyear, designing and developing high-quality car tires according to specific labels is no easy task, especially since it is important for most tire manufacturers to continue to achieve high performance and safety indicators.