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bookmark_borderHow Climate Change Affects Drainage Systems

One of the vital variables of flooding in an area is the abnormal levels and frequency of rainfall. The strange weather can be triggered by the abrupt change in temperature, which may be brought on by climate change.

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Let us look at research done from the Technical University titled, "The impact of climate change on urban drainage: an evaluation based on regional climate model simulations."

How we can improve the drainage system?

Poor drains lead to many distinct issues including health and another dirty external area. So to protect your house or property you will need to improve the drainage system. Below are some of the best steps to implement for appropriate drain management:

To enhance poor drainage, fix underground pipes. Dig a trench in the backyard to the drainage region. Make the channel an inch or two wider than the pipe you intend to install.

The trench should be deep enough for the pipe to lie beneath the frost line. Distribute a few inches of gravel in the bottom and rake smooth.

After raking the dirt smooth, place the PVC drainage pipe onto the gravel, with the holes facing downward. Connect pipe lengths with joints as needed.

Final thought

Overall, there are two important things to get from this research.

First, regardless of the uncertain nature of the weather (or the planet's weather for that matter), one thing is apparent – intense downpour and frequency of rain in urban and rural drainage systems will receive more common in the future because of climate change.

Second, there's a need to upgrade or improve the current layout of the drainage system.