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bookmark_borderMasking Tape! How to Protect Your Car From Overspray

Masking tape is a poly-coated, tightly bonded paper that can be used to refinish and repaint automobiles. This product protects your automobile from paint penetration, seepage, and overspray.

The newspaper was once a popular choice for painting cars. However, it is too porous and can cause paint to bleed through. If applied correctly, the poly coating in masking paper  offers protection to all surfaces. 

Masking Tape

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The harsh solvents found in automotive sealers, lacquers, and enamel paints, as well as clear coat products, can penetrate masking products with the greatest resistance. It removes dust contamination from fibers, and it performs well even when wet sanding. 

All non-painted surfaces should be covered with masking paper and then secured in place using the appropriate masking tape. There are many widths available to suit any job. For applications around curves, the narrow tape is the best choice. 

For covering large areas quickly, wide versions are better. You can speed up the process by using a variety of tools, such as a masking tape dispenser. You can get masking dispensers in a variety of formats, including hand-held tools and sophisticated multi-roll dispensers.

Before masking paper or masking tape can be applied, protected surfaces must be clean and dry from any silicones, lubricants, and dust. You can even search online for more information about masking tape.