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bookmark_borderPublic Insurance Adjuster For Your Damaged Property In Glenview

A public adjuster is a claims adjuster (negotiator) who represents the policyholder during the assessment and negotiation of an insurance claim.

The adjuster is most helpful when the insurer has made it clear that they will pay the claim. All that remains is to identify the damage and assess the loss. The public claims adjuster assesses the damage and draws up an estimate.

Hiring a Reputed Public Adjuster for Your Insurance Claim

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The main responsibilities of the Public Adjuster are:

  • Evaluate claims for the interruption and other additional expense claims.
  • Determine the value of all covered damages.
  • Support the claim by preparing, documenting, and justifying it on behalf of the insured
  • For an insured, negotiate a settlement with the insurer
  • Negotiate for additional money if there is a discrepancy after the claim is settled

While it is not always clear that an insured could benefit from using the Public Adjuster, it will be more effective if it is initiated immediately after a significant damaging event such as the devastating pounding of the hurricane.

It is important to remember that insurance policies are written in what we call technical English. This language is used by insurance companies. There is a lot of “wiggle room” to be interpreted, both from the point of view of the insurance company and that of the owner. This allows monetary negotiations between the insurance expert and the public expert.

Public claims adjusters work on behalf of the policyholder. They "COMMIT" their experience and years of knowledge to the policyholder's claim to "MAXIMIZE" all legitimate items.