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Managed services are not just a cheap alternative to in-house services for most businesses. These services are now playing a pertinent role in transforming and improvising the ways we run our day-to-day operational activities.

Our day-to-day operations are quite dependent on IT, and among IT our biggest concern is security. Therefore Managed IT service providers are now providing IT services for businesses as dedicated stand-alone services that are a complete solution for several challenges faced by you including landscaping, industry compliance with technology standards, staffing and skill pressures, data intrusion and malware management, and several other similar security factors.

5 Keys to Select a Managed Services Provider Zimega Technology Solutions- IT Support for Your Business

Although there is an economic downturn or global recession, general market research has revealed the fact that among managed IT services, managed security has grown by 8% since 2009. Previously organizations did not trust a third party to handle their services to prevent any type of intrusion or exploitation of the data. However, recently the trend has grown in completely opposite direction as there have been several security threats from within the organizations either through the employees working there or mismanagement of security implementations.

As a result, managed security such as entire system management, log analysis of delivery mechanisms, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud services within the premises for device monitoring and management have become a compulsion.

In order to complement the industrial growth of managed IT and services, there have been recent mergers of some big names like VeriSign acquired by Secure Works then Cyber trust, ISS, and Counterpane have also been a great success at growing the managed security market while creating a global/international impact on a huge client base.