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bookmark_borderThe Overview Of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has made it possible to reduce the distance between users and the locations of their resources and data. He can access his property anywhere, anytime. Web-users no longer need to be restricted by distance or time. 

This was possible thanks to cloud computing and the many types of services it offers. Cloud computing is a service that allows you to access computing resources via the internet. You can also get more information about cloud computing services from

There are many services that a cloud computing company offers, but the most common are three. These are:

  • IAAS- Infrastructure as a Service
  • SAAS-Software as a Service
  • PAAS-Platform as a Service

These three models provide the necessary components for hosting websites and form the basis of a web-hosting service. IAAS covers the infrastructural basics like virtual machines, servers, storage houses, and so on. These are essential to access websites or any data that is stored by users. 

Cloud providers offer SAAS which allows users to access full-fledged software directly through the cloud. PAAS provides the operating system, the programming language execution environment, the database, and the webserver. 

Cloud computing services have been extended to many other forms to offer users as much convenience as possible. You can rent large amounts of storage space through STaaS (Storage as a service) or secure your files with SECaaS, Security as a Services (Security as a service).