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bookmark_borderWhat A Piercing Spray Consists Of?

Getting a new piercing is an exhilarating experience, but it doesn't end when you get off the piercing chair. Instead, the most important part begins aftercare. When piercing, it is recommended that the freshly cleaned area be cleaned several times a day to keep it clean, fresh, and free of dirt.

It is usually recommended to use a sterile saline spray or piercing aftercare sprayer to clean it as this will clean it, drain the leak, and stimulate blood flow to the open wound. But are all sea salt spray the same?

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Sterile saline spray or saline solution is usually recommended for cleaning new piercings, as they are not as harsh as other cleaning agents. Products such as hydrogen peroxide, povidone-iodine (also called betadine), or other strong soaps can dry out the skin and destroy the newly formed tissue, essentially reversing needed healing.

Creams and ointments, no matter how thick they are, should also be avoided, as they interfere with the air circulation needed for healing and can contain harmful ingredients if used for a long time.

In addition, products containing benzalkonium chloride (BZK) and benzethonium chloride (BZT) – as ear piercing and bactin solutions – should also be avoided as they can be irritating and are not intended for long-term use.

With so many products to avoid, it's no wonder that piercings and dermatologists usually recommend sterile saline solutions to treat the new body and facial piercings.

bookmark_borderThese Are The Best Tattoo Lotions To Keep That Ink Looking Fresh

Moisturizing tattoos regularly is very important. You should moisturize your clean tattoo 3 to 6 times a day for about two weeks (although proper skin care is always important and most tattoo enthusiasts moisturize their tattoos daily for life!). 

You must use a lotion or moisturizer with white cream, preferably odorless! You can also buy lotion for tattoo through various online sites.

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Warning: your favorite scented lotion is not a good choice for moisturizing your tattoo. It can cause a painful burning sensation when applied to a tattoo which is an open wound. 

Several manufacturers develop tattoo care products that are great for long-term care. 

It's no surprise to people with tattoos that their tattoos start to fade after a while – especially those with colorful tattoos. It's just something that goes with the concert. 

However, regularly moisturizing the skin with tattoo lotion slows down the fading process considerably. Think about it, spend all the money on your favorite offer, a portrait of your grandmother, the infinity sign on your wrist.

Fortunately, there isn't just one best tattoo lotion out there. There are many tattoos to choose from depending on your skin type, tattoo type, and material preference. 

No matter what you like or need, body lotion is there and will keep your tattoo as fresh as it was when it was tattooed. Remember, the best tattoo lotions (for the most part) are completely fragrance-free.