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The Challenge Of Finding Custom Dress Shirts For Short Men

Shorter men always find difficulty in finding the right size clothing items for themselves. This is due to the simple fact that most of the clothes on the rack were designed to a predetermined set of standards, generally equivalent to a conventional 6'tall 175-pound framework for guys. The dress shirt is then shaped to make the dimensions. This becomes an issue for short men because normal measurements do not catch up when it is based on their dimensions. 

Everything you find is custom dress shirts with fewer pockets, shoulder seams that are separated from the sides along a match that makes somebody feel as though they are wearing somebody else's shirt.


Getting the ideal fit from the dress shirt is the biggest obstacle and here are some tips that will help you conquer it:

-Search for brands offering an athletic cut. For younger men, it isn't important if you are not athletic yourself, how athletic cut toppers will translate better for your frame.

-Look for brands that use nicer cloth. This produces the shirt feeling a little less light when at the jacket or whenever you're wearing it under the jacket.

-Look for brands that have"thinner" details. Some manufacturers have shorter cuffs and collars and if combined with a more compact frame it creates an illusion of height. (Sits on stomach greater than torso )

Accept that there will be changes. If the neck fits, other things can be reset or taped. This will make a major difference in the end result. Many men avoid this particular description, thinking it is overly expensive, but it is perfectly reasonable to have a greater shirt that's slightly more than a poorly fitting shirt that you find inexpensive.