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The Most Popular Types Of Coffee Drinks

There are so many coffee drinks you can get at your local coffee shop. It can be difficult to decide what coffee drink you want. 

Although all coffee contains the same basic ingredients, water and coffee beans, the difference in how the coffee is prepared and brewed is what gives rise to so many options.

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Americano: A combination of one-shot espresso and seven ounces hot water. Named after a rude American who couldn't drink full espresso, the name comes from this insult.

Black Coffee: This coffee is brewed using the drip method. It can be prepared either with a French press or a percolator. No milk is used in the coffee.

Café Latte: This type is basically one-shot espresso with steamed milk. The milk is not frothed. The ratio of milk to coffee used is 3:1.

Cappuccino:  It is a blend of equal amounts of coffee, frothed, and steamed milk. Sprinkled cinnamon or flakes of chocolate are often added to the top. Coffee shops may increase the amount of milk they use to give customers a larger cup. This can make coffee taste lighter than it should.

Espresso Con Panna: A regular espresso made with whipped cream.

Flavored coffee: Any variation of the basic flavor of the coffee. You can add syrups or spices to your coffee. Most popular are cinnamon and chocolate.