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Two Basic Security Guard Options: Armed and Unarmed

When employing a security guard for a special function or your personal safety, it is critical to find the company of your precise requirements and concerns before deciding upon a guard or security staff. 

This will aid in ensuring they offer you the ideal guard for the circumstances, as security defenses are provided by several levels of weapon and authority permissions. You can hire a professional armed security officer from

Armed Security Officer

An armed guard is allowed to prevent or detain persons, prevent entry to venues/events, create arrests and prevent or stop offenses or problems for property or people. Armed guards can implement their authority utilizing non-lethal and sometimes lethal levels of force, based on the situation and regulations of these disciplines.

Armed guards and officials are recommended if there are known dangers to property or people can be found, such as for instance high profile events or workplace heavily populated community locations, violent situations, or whenever valuable or cash goods are found. 

Unarmed security guards have been mostly hired to give safety and reassurance to events, private homes, high profile people, or regular citizens. Unarmed guards may contact police or emergency services while enabling a client within the handling of an incident, as their key duties would be to monitor, watch and document offenses, and employ emergency services if needed.  

Sometimes guards behave as professional witnesses events, and play an integral role in assisting, evacuation, and also calling emergency solutions to repay the specific situation that warrants further aid.