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What Are The Grounds For A Zantac Lawsuit?

A Zantac lawsuit is a legitimate demand for financial remuneration for the plaintiffs who got the ranitidine drugs at the time of burning sensation in the stomach and then were diagnosed with cancer. Zantac has been discovered to composed of the carcinogen NDMA. 

In the current dispute, the plaintiffs allege Zantac manufacturers put on the market with a dangerous product and did not warn consumers of the risks and serious side effects. Many people also surf so as to get the proper information about the Zantac lawsuit and get the advice from a Zantac lawyer.

What Cancer Does Zantac Cause?

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Grounds For A Zantac Lawsuit

There are two claims that victims can sue for drugmakers are:

  • The drug had a faulty design
  • The label of the drug is not warned of risks

Faulty Design:

The courts have given ranitidine manufacturers to set a strict standard of liability. Therefore, drug manufacturers are liable if:

  • Faulty design of the drug is a foreseeable risk
  • The drug was manufactured and used as it was supposed to be

According to online pharmacy companies, ranitidine molecules are characteristically not stable. When a person eats a normal dosage then it converts ranitidine hydrochloride active ingredient in carcinogen NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine). 

Incorrect labeling and lack of warning:

At the same all medicines, Zantac has a warning label. However, its label omits any kind of carcinogenic risks. Doctors had been informed of the risks, you may have not recommended or prescribed Zantac. The best evidence of the lack of warning is the Zantac package itself. The omission of information related to NDMA suggests that consumers were not fully informed of the dangers.