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When Is It Best To Use A Temporary Phone Number?

Last year it was reported that many people receive unsolicited calls. While you don't always have to give someone your contact number to end up on a robocall list, sometimes you can get unwanted calls from someone you don't want to talk to.

What is the solution? A temporary mobile number can work very well in many situations. You may need Burner's phone number for a one-off event, e.g. to contact a buyer to sell goods online, or you want to turn it into a long-term second phone number for work.

Here are some examples of when it makes sense to use a temporary contact number.

1) When buying or selling items through the online platform

Buying and selling goods on the internet is a very cost-effective way to make money. However, sometimes it can be a little dangerous. Always use a temporary or fake mobile number when connecting with someone outside a digital selling platform. This ensures that your identity remains confidential while preventing future contact.

2) If you work on a new freelance project

As a freelancer, you are likely to get hundreds of new clients in a year. Depending on what your freelance gig is like, that could mean meeting multiple clients at one time. If this is the case, consider using a temporary phone number to avoid overloading your phone contacts and not receiving follow-up calls after the project is complete.

Another good reason to use a temporary mobile number as a freelancer? Using it for a long time gives you the opportunity to communicate smoothly and at the same time connect to various other applications that make freelance life easier to manage.