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Why You Should Remap Your Vehicle

Every car that leaves the factory production line is completely unique. Some even produce up to 10 bhp more or less than the standard specifications shown on the model. There may be slight differences depending on how well the components are made and assembled.

Instead of the manufacturer giving each car a clear rating and receiving the cards at the right time, it accepts the standard unit card. Remapping the ECU will increase performance so you can take advantage of your engine's hidden strengths. If you are searching for the services of ECU remapping in Australia, visit

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ECU remapping can save you a bit and prevent your wallet or purse from popping up at the diesel station frequently. Resetting a special ECU to suit your driving style can increase your miles per gallon.

Due to better combustion arrangement in the ECU, the reassignment communicates with the vehicle to generate more torque. The efficiency shift is even more useful when applied to turbo engines.

This is because the total amount generated by the turbo acceleration is also controlled by the ECU. By adjusting the gain in the car, a reset can deal a very powerful blow to the turbocharger.

Remapping is very convenient for users. It's designed to require customization and uses a very modern touch screen interface. Remapping is the ideal tool for reprogramming vehicle control units.