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All The Facts About Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus flowers add appeal and beauty to your backyard. There are many varieties of hibiscus that vary in size and color. As the name implies, it's a tropical plant. Hibiscus flowers are typically found in Pacific Island regions like Asia as well as Hawaii. 

The flowers are usually thought to be Hawaiian flowers. However, only a handful of varieties of hibiscus are of Hawaiian source. The flower of national significance in Malaysia is Hibiscus.

Research has revealed that there are many color combinations in the hibiscus flower and their dimensions range from two-inch to 12 inches. The hibiscus flowers are usually found in bushes, but only at a height of just a few feet. 

There are hibiscus species that can reach fifteen feet. To cultivate tropical hibiscus blooms in your garden, you need to take care of certain elements. Hibiscus flowers require warmth in the evening, therefore when they are established in pots, it is easy for them to be moved around. Pots need to be properly prepared to ensure optimal conditions for growth for the flowers.

Tips for growing hibiscus flowering: There is a variety of hibiscus. You can pick one from the variety that appeals to you. Plants of Hibiscus can be grown with pots in the ground or in the ground-based on the climate conditions. 

The plant needs to be kept well watered. Sprays are a great way to repel insects, but ensure that you cover the underside of the leaves when spraying. Don't use fertilizers with strong scents. It can be diluted by using water-soluble or unscented detergent soap. 

To combat hibiscus pests, It is safe to make use of Orthene. Hibiscus plants require sunshine to thrive. This is why it should be placed in a location that receives fifty percent of the sunlight.