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Coconut Oil For Acne – Does It Work?

Coconut essential oil is oil from ripe coconuts. It has been used for meals for years and years, yet many people are unaware that you can use it externally to combat acne breakouts alongside other skin disorders such as eczema.

Exactly how coconut essential oil treats acne breakouts

The concept that using oil on your skin can help acne breakouts seems ridiculous at first; Many people with breakouts want less oil on their skin.

However, it requires a lot more than extra sebum to trigger acne breakouts, and that helps explain exactly how coconut oil can help with acne breakouts. If you are looking for cold-pressed coconut oil, you may click this over here now.

To get acne, you'll need a couple of things: clogged skin pores and irritation. It's the irritation that turns clogged skin pores into angry red acne. You get irritated every time your immune system attacks the germs that reside in the clogged follicles.

Coconut essential oil helps you stop irritation and therefore can stop acne breakouts as well.

The magic is in 2 essential fatty acids, lauric acid, and capric acid. In human skin, they are transformed into antibacterial and antiviral ingredients. Just put. Coconut essential oil kills acne-causing germs on the skin. And once the germs are eliminated, there is nothing your immune system can respond to. What these means are a lot less irritation and fewer breakouts.

Coconut is also packed with vitamin E, which is a well-known nutrient for the skin. Vitamin E helps soothe irritation and repair scarred tissue. So it does the same thing that those expensive skin lotions claim they can do.