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bookmark_borderCalling An Ambulance In Emergency

Ambulances are vehicles used for providing emergency or non-emergency transport to a patient outside the hospital or any other medical facility. They carry medical personnel, including paramedics and medical technicians to the required site.

They give immediate medical aid and close monitoring of patients on their way to the nearby hospital or emergency room. They also transport patients who are not in the condition of traveling by means of normal vehicles. There are many hospitals that provide ambulance facilities for their patients.

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Patients who are not in the condition of going to a medical facility themselves nor have anyone who can go with them and give the required support may need to call private ambulance services. They have flashing bulbs and sirens which separate them from other vehicles and aid them to reach their destination in a matter of minutes.

But before dialing this number on a private ambulance screen, the first thing you need to understand is how line service works in general. When someone calls 911, the police officer forwards the call to the local Central Emergency Services (EMS).

As soon as the trained medical staff listening to the call is identified as an ambulance, they assess the situation and forward the call to the dispatcher, who must then signal the next ambulance via the radio operator. At this stage, the course may sound complicated, but you can do it in seconds.