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bookmark_borderOil & Gas Refineries – Producing Clean Energy

The oil and big refineries are facing challenges in sustainability with their wastewater discharge, waste carbon. Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed new regulations for refineries to reduce the amount of cancer-causing pollution released into the air at all of the companies’ refineries in the United States.

There are various companies also which are working on this like Dastur energy. With Dastur Energy’s solutions, complex oil and gas refineries can convert petcoke and other heavy residues to value-added chemicals and clean fuels like hydrogen through gasification and carbon capture. You can check their website to get deep information regarding their approach.

These oil and gas refineries help to covert waste which can cause pollution. Refinery plays a major role in converting biomass into fuels, chemicals, feed, and material. By doing so, the fuel-based products move away from bio-based products, i.e.: bio-fuels for cars, using succinic acid and polylactic acid instead of petroleum, and using bio-energy.

The increasing social pressures on various oil and gas companies raise a question about the role of their fuels in the changing energy economy and the position of these companies in the society in which they operate. Dastur Energy is providing the best solutions to its clients. Their business-driven and integrated systems approach to bring down the capture cost to US$ 30-40/tonne, minimizing the green premium. They offer  engineer an innovative solution to help manage their solid and liquid wastes.