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bookmark_borderExecutive Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

Executive chairs with an ergonomic design have become a standard fixture behind the desk in the corner office. They are adjustable, and comfortable and are increasingly finding their way into the home office as well. Several popular models of these chairs are available online and in furniture showrooms around the country.

The leader in the business is still Herman Miller which is trying to repeat its success with the iconic Aeron with the stylish and modern Mirra. The highly adjustable Mirra is comfortable and it gets five stars. If you want to buy herman miller classic aeron furniture, then you can visit various online sources.

One reason why the Mirra is so popular is that it only costs around $800 which is a lot cheaper than the Aeron. The Mirra may be the symbol of modern executives who want style and comfort on a budget. One feature of the Mirra is that it adjusts to a user's size. Unlike the Aeron, it only comes in one size.

The Liberty from Humanscale eliminates the need for separate lumbar support devices. Many people find this feature more comfortable than traditional lumbar support devices.

Like the Aeron and the Mirra, the Liberty is a stylish mesh chair. One advantage to Liberty is that it is a light brown color rather than black. The Liberty is billed as being advertised as fitting 95% of the population.

The Liberty's carefully sculpted seat is designed to reduce the pressure build-up for people who have been sitting for hours. This feature will be appreciated by workers who have to sit for hours. The Liberty gets five stars too!

Another five-star winner is the Knoll Life chair. This stylish mesh ergonomic chair comes in a cool-looking steel gray color. The Knoll life is recommended for back pain sufferers because it features excellent support for the lower spine.

The Knoll Life is also easily adjustable and features automatic tension control which can be fine-tuned if necessary. This is the chair for those who like to adjust their seating.