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bookmark_borderLED Strip Lights and Light Therapy

The treatment of light therapy can be described as a method of therapy that reduces stress levels. Patients are exposed to certain wavelengths of artificial lighting for an agreed-upon amount of time per day. It is employed for the treatment of general conditions of the skin, mental disorders and sleep disorders. It has been found to be extremely efficient in the majority of instances. You can also visit to get led light therapy.

The treatment itself involves the use of equipment called lightboxes. As the name implies, they are containers that are filled with LED Strip Lights and covered by an oblong of glass.

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The light that is emitted from the box is directed to the skin area affected or directly to the retina, based on the nature of the ailment of concern.

For skin conditions, the light is focused on those parts of the body that require special focus. For mental disorders, the light beams directly into the eyes.

The use of light therapy has been found to be extremely beneficial in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a result of controlling two essential hormones (mood-changing chemicals) created in the hypothalamus of the brain. serotonin and melatonin.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone that regulates sleep. The production of this hormone can be blocked by light, and it is stimulated when there is no light.

In the winter months when sunlight is scarce supply, there is a tendency for people to suffer from serotonin deficiency, making people unhappy and depressed. The beginning of SAD is characterized by signs such as sadness as well as general feelings of unwell being, and sleepiness.