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Cremation – Pet Urns to Celebrate Lively Lives

Many of us undergo the experience of the loss of a loved pet at some point in our lives. Many families opt to have their pet cat or dog cremated and then keep the ashes in an urn for cremation. How can you choose the right urn for your cat or dog to hold their ashes? 

Urns in Material Type

Cremation pet urns can be made from a variety of materials, including metal and ceramic. Consider where the urn will be kept. Consider using metal, resin, or wood if the urn will be in high-traffic areas. You can choose to invest in a ceramic or glass urn, if you plan on keeping the beautiful urn safe.

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Urns in Style

Did your dog have a tendency to get into trouble or was it a mature soul? Do you think your cat loved to play with their favorite toys or prefer to be outside in the sunshine? The cremation pet urn that suits your pet's personality is the best. You might choose a urn with more personality and color if your pet was active. You might want to express your pet's love if they were a cuddler.

Urns for Cats or Dogs

An urn can be made to honor your pet's feline or canine family member. To honor your pet's memory, you can have an urn made of a bone or put the ashes of your cat in a cremation pet container with a kitten on it. You can also find urns that focus more on design and not on one particular animal.