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Use Of A Direct-Fed Microbial Product As A Supplement In Dairy Cattle

Direct-fed microbial (DFM) products, characterized by the USDA in 1989 as microbial-based feed additives which have "live”, naturally occurring microorganisms.

It is  used as feed supplements from the cattle industry for over 20 yr mainly to Improve milk production, feed efficiency, and Increase performance. For more information about the direct fed microbials,you can click here now

 direct fed microbials

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The main kinds of DFM utilized in ruminants studies comprise rumen-derived bacteria which can use lactic acid (LUB), for example, megasphaera elsdenii, Propionibacterium freudenreichii, and Selenomonas ruminantium.

The other LUB species, Propionibacterium, was utilized as a DFM. Although this bacterium is slow growth and acid reflux, which makes it incapable of preventing acidosis, it's considered to boost the energy status of cows since it transforms lactate into propionate.

Active yeast products will be the most researched DFM and they're generally utilized to enhance cows' performance. Active yeast is considered to scavenge traces of dissolved oxygen inside the rumen, thus producing the best anaerobic growth requirement for fibrinolytic microorganisms.

Live yeast has been also suggested to make optimum growth conditions for bacteria by preventing the accumulation of lactic acid inside the rumen.

According to information from various species, it's been theorized that the LAB could have advantages postruminally. Those advantages could include alteration of gut microbial populations, enhanced diet digestibility, and enhanced immune function.

Moreover, a recent study reported that supplementing early-lactating dairy cows with DFM increased apparent total-tract digestibility of starch and improved cow performance.